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Doctor-Saturday October 28th, 2017 Raleigh, North Carolina

Doctor-Saturday October 28th, 2017 Raleigh, North Carolina

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1 (One) Doctor course fee for the "Gum Drop Technique" course which will be held Saturday October 28th at the 3D Dentists Educational Center, 8304 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27613 hosted by "T-Bone" Dr. Tarun Agarwal.

Course time is 8am-6pm, Lunch is included.

This unique hands-on workshop will allow the attendee to proficiently practice tunneling techniques on soft tissue models, learn phlebotomy basics, learn how to incorporate A-PRF/I-PRF into hard and soft tissue grating procedures and observe a live surgery performed by "T-Bone" Dr. Tarun Agarwal. This course is offered under the supervision of two experienced surgical clinicians, Dr. Delia Tuttle &  Dr. Tarun Agarwal.

 Learning Objectives:

 1. Discuss historical methods of soft tissue grafting around teeth and implants

2. Understand the biologic rationale behind non-invasive soft tissue grafting

3. Become surgically proficient in non-invasive soft tissue techniques

4. Learn phlebotomy basics and A-PRF & I-PRF techniques

6. Incorporate these superior techniques immediately in your office to increase predictability, profitability, case acceptance, and patient referral

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